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    Daniel Donche

    I don’t know what’s going on here, but this ought to work.

    Sergeant Oshek of House Hedding’s city watch waits in the interrogation room with the boy they’d brought in for questioning. A small table of rough-hewn wood separates them, with a single cup and a tankard on Oshek’s side. He relaxes comfortably in his chair while Venicus constantly shifts in his, wincing every so often. Each squirm of his brings with it the soft jingle of chains.
    Oshek had sent a messenger to retrieve the stationmaster of the local Outrider post, who said he would be along as soon as he could get in touch with the outrider that had come into township the night prior. Oshek had instructed the runner to let pass word that if the old man could not occasion leave his post, the Watch would deliver the boy to him at the station.
    City Watch had been alerted to Venicus’s presence in Listhaven by a concerned citizen and they were easily able to apprehend him, as he bore no weaponry nor intent to resist. The boy had not been informed of his crimes yet, so Oshek takes the opportunity to do so now.
    He leans over and presses a button on a recording device built into the wall, as the interrogation would need to be documented for evidence. While some of his colleagues might not have bothered, he preferred to act according to protocol.
    “Sergeant Danniver Oshek, Chief Inspector of the Hedding City Watch. Time 0313 on the twenty-third day of the ninth month of 1336. State your full name for the record.”
    Venicus swallows, which takes considerable effort. “Venicus Mor.” His voice is raspy and quiet.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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